Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I ran across something interesting yesterday.  I received a copy of LAPCHICK: THE LIFE OF A LEGENDARY PLAYER AND COACH IN THE GLORY DAYS OF THE NBA and just read the description of the May, 1950 NBA Board of Governors meeting which addressed the possible integration of the league.  Here is a summary of the events that I typed up for my own notes -

"In March 1950 at the NBA Board of Governors meeting at the league office in New York, New York Knicks’ President Ned Irish informed his fellow owners that the Knicks planned to sign African-American Nat Clifton to a contract for the 1950-51 season.  Clifton, a 27-year-old veteran of the New York Rens and Harlem Globetrotters, posed a serious problem for the assembled owners.  Baltimore and Indianapolis were segregated cities at the time and could be expected to vote against allowing blacks. Philadelphia owner Eddie Gottlieb was strongly opposed because of his close ties with the Globetrotters and his concern that fans would not accept the league when it became predominantly African-American. Boston owner Walter Brown informed his fellow owners that the Celtics were also planning to add a black player in the upcoming season. After a heated discussion, the vote was taken and Tri-Cities and Minneapolis joined Baltimore, Indianapolis, and Philadelphia in their opposition, while Boston and New York were joined by Fort Wayne, Rochester, Syracuse and Washington and the resolution passed 6-5. A month later, on April 25, the NBA conducted its annual draft with Boston selecting Chuck Cooper with the first pick in round two, and Washington choosing Earl Lloyd New York in the ninth round.  One day after the draft Syracuse signed Harold Hunter, their 10th round selection and New York finally signed Clifton on May 24, making them the first two African-Americans to sign contracts. On October 31, 1950 Lloyd became the first African-American to appear in a game as he scored six points for Syracuse.  Cooper and Clifton made their debuts the next night and Hank DeZonie, who was one of several blacks to play in the NBL, signed with Tri-City on December 3, making his debut that night."

Friday, August 18, 2017


While we may conceivably see another "Sparky" or "Lefty" or "Moose" we're probably a lot less likely to see some other like the ones given to Irving Rose and Francis Crossin (just trust me on this one).

While working on my basketball necrology recently, I ran across a few which I don't expect to see again (although I suppose basketball could make a big comeback in the Netherlands or Sweden).  It's just a testament to the originality that was used in coming up with a nickname back in the day, when a players initials or a shortened version of his name wasn't the standard.

Charles J. “Bulbs” Alberding
Roland L. “Jiggs” O’Dell Jr.
Henry G. “Dutch” Dehnert Jr.
Raymond B. “Snooks” Dowd
John E. “Shirt” Horan
William W. “Toots” Kronick
Robert “Longie” Powell
Max T. “Trixie” Messinger
Louis “Inky” Lautman
Stanley “Curley” Christian
Frederick K. “Fritz” Nagy
John L. "Squint" Phares
Harry M. "Swede" Roos
Walter C. “Tillie” Voss
James S. “Buttsey” Collins
Harry G. “Yummy” Armpriester
Michael J. “Shamus” O’Brien
Harry “Jammy” Moskowitz
John “Quack” Harvey
Albert “Runt” Pullins
Joel “Shikey” Gotthoffer
Wallace B. “Slats” Borrevik
Lucian C. “Skippy” Whitaker
Everett “Ziggy” Marcell
Frank “Peanuts” Gorczynski
Joseph C. "Scoop" Posewitz
Robert L. “Bubbles” Hawkins
Lauren H. “Laddie” Gale
Carl H. “Buttercup” Anderson
Wendell C. “Wink” Bowman
Irving G. “Porky” Rosenthal
Luther D. “Ticky” Burden
William C. “Blackie” Towery (uh, no.)
Stanley L. “Whitey” Von Nieda (also not likely.)
James L. “Pappy” Ricks

I still haven't decided whether "Yummy" or "Quack" is my favorite.

Friday, September 2, 2016


ATL - Chuck Share - 346 - 3Dec54 to 11Mar59
BOS - Jo Jo White - 488 - 21Jan72 to 29Jan78
BRK - Darwin Cook - 319 - 5Dec80 to 4Dec85
CHA - Boris Diaw - 268 - 13Dec08 to 4Mar12
CHI - B.J. Armstrong - 446 - 8Feb90 to 23Apr95
CLE - Tristan Thompson - 370 - 10Feb12 to
DAL - Michael Finley - 381 - 17Feb97 to 27Dec01
DEN - Alex English - 387 - 26Nov80 to 13Apr85
DET - Terry Tyler - 574 - 13Oct78 to 14Apr85
GSW - Wilt Chamberlain - 333 - 16Feb60 to 18Mar64
HOU - Elvin Hayes - 442 - 17Oct68 to 6Jan83
IND - Reggie Miller - 347 - 31Mar89 to 16Nov93
LAC - Randy Smith - 595 - 18Feb72 to 7Apr79
LAL - A.C. Green - 567 - 19Nov86 to 24Apr93
MEM - Shareef Abdur–Rahim - 228 - 6Apr97 to 16Nov00
MIA - Glen Rice    174 - 8Mar92 to 1Apr94
MIL - Ray Allen    400 - 1Nov96 to 20Dec01
MIN - Kevin Garnett - 351 - 21Feb02 to 7Apr06
NOP - David Wesley - 294 - 25Nov97 to 17Nov01
NYK - Harry Gallatin - 610 - 20Nov48 to 13Mar57
OKC - Jack Sikma - 439 - 19Oct77 to 26Dec82
ORL - Dwight Howard - 351 - 3Nov04 to 12Dec00
PHI - John Kerr - 844 - 31Oct54 to 4Mar65
PHO - Mark West - 501 - 9Apr88 to 23Apr94
POR - Clifford Robinson - 461 - 3Nov89 to 22Feb95
SAC - Jack Twyman - 609 - 5Nov55 to 29Oct63
SAS - Bruce Bowen - 500 - 28Feb02 to 12Mar08
TOR - Morris Peterson - 371 - 12Feb02 to 22Nov06
UTH - John Stockton - 609 - 13Feb90 to 20Apr97
WAS - Jack Marin - 428 - 6Feb67 to 14Mar72

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just for comparison -

[33 Games - 17 Home, 16 Road]

No  Date          Opp        Score           W-L
1    5Nov71      BAL        110-106        7-3
2    6Nov71      @GSW   105-89          8-3
3    7Nov71      NYK        103-96          9-3
4    9Nov71      @CHI     122-109        10-3
5    10Nov71    @PHI      143-103        11-3
6    12Nov71    SEA        115-107        12-3
7    13Nov71    @POR    130-108        13-3
8    14Nov71    BOS       128-115        14-3
9    16Nov71    CLE         108-90          15-3
10  19Nov91    HOU       106-99          16-3
11  21Nov71    MIL         112-105        17-3
12  25Nov71    @SEA     139-115        18-3
13  26Nov71    DET         132-113        19-3
14  28Nov71    SEA        138-121        20-3
15  1Dec71      @BOS    124-111        21-3
16  3Dec71      @PHI      131-116        22-3
17  5Dec71      POR        123-107        23-3
18  8Dec71      @HOU    125-120        24-3
19  9Dec71      @GSW   124-111        25-3
20  10Dec71    PHO        126-117        26-3
21  12Dec71    ATL         104-95          27-3
22  14Dec71    @POR    129-114        28-3
23  17Dec71    GSW       129-99          29-3
24  18Dec71    @PHO    132-106        30-3
25  19Dec71    PHI         154-132        31-3
26  21Dec71    @BUF     117-103        32-3
27  22Dec71    @BAL     127-120        33-3
28  26Dec71    HOU       137-115        34-3
29  28Dec71    BUF        105-87          35-3
30  30Dec71    @SEA     122-106        36-3
31  2Jan72       BOS       122-113        37-3
32  5Jan72       @CLE     113-103        38-3
33  7Jan72       @ATL     134-90          39-3
—   9Jan72       @MIL     104-120        39-4

2012-13 MIAMI HEAT
[27 Games – 14 Home, 13 Road]

No  Date          Opp        Score           W-L
1    3Feb13      @TOR    100-85          30-14
2    4Feb13      CHA        99-94            31-14
3    6Feb13      HOU       114-108        32-14
4    8Feb13      LAC        111-89          33-14
5    10Feb13    LAL         107-97          34-14
6    12Feb97    POR        117-104        35-14
7    14Feb13    @OKC    110-100        36-14
8    20Feb13    @ATL     103-90          37-14
9    21Feb13    @CHI     86-67            38-14
10  23Feb13    @PHI      114-90          39-14
11  24Feb90    CLE         108-105        40-14
12  26Feb13    SAC        141-129 (2OT) 41-14
13  1Mar13      MEM       98-91            42-14
14  3Mar13      @NYK     99-93            43-14
15  4Mar13      @MIN     97-81            44-14
16  6Mar13      ORL        97-96            45-14
17  8Mar13      PHI         102-93          46-14
18  10Mar93    IND         105-91          47-14
19  12Mar13    ATL         98-81            48-14
20  13Mar13    @PHI      98-94            49-14
21  15Mar13    @MIL     107-94          50-14
22  17Mar13    @TOR    108-91          51-14
23  18Mar91    @BOS    105-103        52-14
24  20Mar13    @CLE     98-95            53-14
25  22Mar13    DET         103-89          54-14
26  24Mar13    CHA        109-77          55-14
27  25Mar13    @ORL    108-94          56-14
—   27Mar13    @CHI     97-101          56-15

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This is one of those projects that I knew I'd never complete before I started it, but I thought it would be an interesting one -

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Converse/Adidas/LA Gear/PRO-Keds
Alvan Adams - Nike
Mark Aguirre - Converse
Danny Ainge - Nike
Ray Allen - Nike
Carmelo Anthony - Nike
Nate Archibald - PRO-Keds/Converse
Gilbert Arenas - Adidas
Paul Arizin - Converse
Charles Barkley - Nike
Rick Barry - Adidas
Elgin Baylor - Adidas
Walt Bellamy - n/a
Chauncey Billups - Adidas
Dave Bing - Adidas
Larry Bird - Converse
Bill Bradley - Converse
Kobe Bryant - Adidas/Nike
Vince Carter - Puma/Nike
Wilt Chamberlain - Converse
Tom Chambers - Nike
Bob Cousy - Converse/PF Flyers
Dave Cowens - Adidas/Asics
Terry Cummings - Nike
Billy Cunningham - Adidas
Mel Daniels - Converse/Adidas
Adrian Dantley - Adidas
Brad Daugherty - Reebok
Walter Davis - Converse
Dave DeBusschere - Adidas
John Drew - Adidas/Nike
Clyde Drexler - Avia/KangaROOS
Joe Dumars - Adidas
Tim Duncan - Nike/Adidas
Kevin Durant - Nike
Alex English - Converse, Asics
Julius Erving - Adidas/Converse
Patrick Ewing - Adidas
Walt Frazier - Puma
World B. Free - Nike
Kevin Garnett - Nike/Adidas
Pau Gasol - Nike
George Gervin - Adidas/Nike
Artis Gilmore - Adidas/Nike
Manu Ginobili - Nike
Gail Goodrich - Adidas
Hal Greer - n/a
Blake Griffin - Nike
Penny Hardaway - Nike
Tim Hardaway - Nike
John Havlicek - Adidas/Pony
Connie Hawkins - n/a
Elvin Hayes - Adidas/Nike
Spencer Haywood - Adidas/Nike
Tom Heinsohn - Converse
Grant Hill - Fila
Dwight Howard - Adidas
Lou Hudson - PRO-Keds
Dan Issel - Adidas/Converse
Allen Iverson - Reebok
Mark Jackson - Nike
LeBron James - Nike
Dennis Johnson - Nike
Gus Johnson - Converse/Adidas
Kevin Johnson - Converse
Larry Johnson - Converse
Magic Johnson - Converse
Marqques Johnson - Adidas
Neil Johnston - Converse
Sam Jones - n/a
Michael Jordan - Nike
Shawn Kemp - Reebok
Jason Kidd - Nike/Peak
Bernard King - Nike/Converse
Bob Lanier - Adidas/Converse
Bob Love - PRO-Keds
Jerry Lucas - n/a
Maurice Lucas - Nike
Karl Malone - LA Gear
Moses Malone - Adidas/Converse/Nike
Pete Maravich - Adidas/PRO-Keds
Shawn Marion - Nike
Bob McAdoo - Adidas/Pony
George McGinnis - Adidas/Puma
Tracy McGrady - Adidas
Kevin McHale - Adidas/Converse
George Mikan - PRO-Keds
Reggie Miller - Nike
Sidney Moncrief - Nike
Earl Monroe - Pony/Adidas/Converse
Alonzo Mourning - Nike
Chris Mullin - Nike
Calvin Murphy - Nike
Dikembe Mutombo - Adidas
Larry Nance - Converse
Steve Nash - Nike
Norm Nixon - Nike
Dirk Nowitzki - Nike
Calvin Murphy - Nike
Hakeem Olajuwon - Etonic/LA Gear/Spalding
Shaquille O'Neal - Reebok
Robert Parish - Adidas/Converse/Champion
Chris Paul - Nike
Gary Payton - Nike
Geoff Petrie - Adidas/Nike
Bob Pettit - Converse
Paul Pierce - Nike
Scottie Pippen - Avia/Nike
Kevin Porter - Converse/Nike
Mark Price - Nike
Willis Reed - PRO-Keds
Mitch Richmond - Adidas
Oscar Robertson - Adidas
David Robinson - Nike
Truck Robinson - Nike
Guy Rodgers - n/a
Dennis Rodman - Reebok/Nike/Converse
Derrick Rose - Adidas
Bill Russell - Converse
Cazzie Russell - Adidas
Ralph Sampson - Puma
Dolph Schayes - n/a
Charlie Scott - Adidas/Nike
Bill Sharman - Converse
Jack Sikma - Adidas
Paul Silas - Nike/Pony
John Stockton - Nike/Avia
Amar'e Stoudemire - Nike
Reggie Theus - Converse
Isiah Thomas - Converse
David Thompson - Nike/Pony
Rudy Tomjanovich - Nike
Wes Unseld - Adidas/Converse
Dick Van Arsdale - Adidas
John Wall - Reebok
Bill Walton - Adidas
Dwyane Wade - Converse/Nike
Chet Walker - Adidas
Chris Webber - Nike
Jerry West - Adidas
Paul Westphal - Adidas/Nike
Jo Jo White - PRO-Keds
Lenny Wilkens - Adidas
Dominique Wilkins - Reebok/Converse/Brooks
Buck Williams - Pony/Nike
James Worthy - New Balance
Yao Ming - Reebok

Sunday, December 25, 2011

●Kareem Abdul-Jabbar chose not to play in the 1973 All-Star Game due to travel concerns after seven Muslims were killed earlier in the month at his home in Washington, DC.
●Magic Johnson retired prior to the 1991-92 season due to the HIV virus but returned to play in the 1992 All-Star Game.
●The 1993 East and West teams each carried eight substitutes as opposed to the usual seven.

Game - Player - Reason - Replacement
1952 - Larry Foust, FTW - Foot injury - Arnie Risen, ROC
1952 - Dolph Schayes, SYR - Wrist injury - Harry Gallatin, NYK
1953 - Fred Scolari, BLB - Knee injury - Billy Gabor, SYR
1955 - Arnie Risen, ROC - Ankle injury - Jack Coleman, ROC
1956 - Carl Braun, NYK - Injury - Johnny Kerr, SYR
1958 - Cliff Hagan, STL - Hand injury - None
1960 - Paul Arizin, PHW - Leg injury - Tom Gola, PHW
1962 - Larry Costello, SYR - Wrist injury - Sam Jones, BOS
1962 - Tom Gola, PHW - Hand injury - Johnny Green, NYK
1962 - Rudy LaRusso, LAL - Illness - None
1965 - Tom Heinsohn, BOS - Leg injury - Johnny Green, NYK
1968 - Nate Thurmond, SFW - Knee injury - Clyde Lee, SFW
1969 - Jerry West, LAL - Groin injury - Gail Goodrich, PHO
1970 - Nate Thurmond, SFW - Knee injury - Bob Rule, SEA
1973 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, MIL - ●Travel concerns - Bob Love, CHI
1973 - Rick Barry, GSW - Ankle injury - Connie Hawkins, PHO
1974 - Jerry West, LAL - Groin injury - Charlie Scott, PHO
1977 - Dave Cowens, BOS - Back injury - Phil Chenier, WSB
1977 - Bill Walton, POR - Achilles tendon injury - Don Buse, IND
1978 - Pete Maravich, NOJ - Knee injury - Doug Collins, PHI
1979 - Doug Collins, PHI - Foot injury - Bob Lanier, DET
1981 - Dan Roundfield, ATL - Knee injury - Mike Mitchell, CLE
1982 - Dan Roundfield, ATL - Knee injury - Kelly Tripucka, DET
1986 - Patrick Ewing, NYK - Knee injury - None
1986 - Michael Jordan, CHI - Foot injury - None
1987 - Ralph Sampson, HOU - Knee injury - Tom Chambers, SEA
1988 - Steve Johnson, POR - Hand injury - James Donaldson, DAL
1989 - Larry Bird, BOS - Foot injuries - None
1989 - Magic Johnson, LAL - Leg injury - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, LAL
1990 - Karl Malone, UTH - Ankle injury - Rolando Blackman, DAL
1991 - Larry Bird, BOS - Back injury - Hersey Hawkins, PHI
1991 - Isiah Thomas, DET - Hand injury - None
1992 - Larry Bird, BOS - Back injury - Michael Adams, WSB
1992 - Magic Johnson, LAL - ●Retired - Tim Hardaway, GSW
1992 - Dominique Wilkins, ATL - Achilles tendon injury - Kevin Willis, ATL
1993 - Chris Mullin, GSW - Hand injury - ●None
1993 - Mitch Richmond, GSW - Hand injury - Terry Porter, POR
1994 - Charles Barkley, PHO - Knee injury - Gary Payton, SEA
1994 - Alonzo Mourning, CHH - Ankle injury - Horace Grant, CHI
1995 - Cedric Ceballos, LAL - Hand injury - Dikembe Mutombo
1997 - Charles Barkley, HOU - Ankle injury - Detlef Schrempf, SEA
1997 - Clyde Drexler, HOU - Hamstring injury - Chris Gatling, GSW
1997 - Patrick Ewing, NYK - Groin injury - Chris Webber, WSH
1997 - Alonzo Mourning, MIA - Heel injury - Joe Dumars, DET
1997 - Shaquille O’Neal, LAL - Knee injury - Kevin Garnett, MIN
2001 - Grant Hill, ORL - Foot injury - Latrell Sprewell, NYK
2001 - Alonzo Mourning, MIA - Kindney illness - Dikembe Mutombo, ATL
2001 - Shaquille O’Neal, LAL - Foot injury - Vlade Divac, SAC
2001 - Theo Ratliff, PHI - Wrist injury - Antonio Davis, TOR
2002 - Vince Carter, TOR - Quadriceps injury - Baron Davis, CHH
2002 - Karl Malone, UTH - Personal reasons - None
2002 - Shaquille O’Neal, LAL - Toe injury - Elton Brand, LAC
2003 - Chris Webber, SAC - Ankle injury - Peja Stojakovic, SAC
2006 - Jermaine O'Neal, IND - Groin injury - Gilbert Arenas, WAS
2007 - Carlos Boozer, UTH - Leg injury - Josh Howard, DAL
2007 - Allen Iverson, DEN - Ankle injury - Mehmet Okur, UTH
2007 - Jason Kidd, NJN - Back injury - Joe Johnson, ATL
2007 - Yao Ming, HOU - Knee injury - Carmelo Anthony, DEN
2007 - Steve Nash, PHO - Shoulder injury - Ray Allen, SEA
2008 - Caron Butler, WAS - Hip injury - Ray Allen, BOS
2008 - Kevin Garnett, BOS - Abdominal injury - Rasheed Wallace, DET
2009 - Chris Bosh, TOR - Knee injury - Mo Williams, CLE
2009 - Jameer Nelson, ORL - Shoulder injury - Ray Allen, BOS
2010 - Kobe Bryant, LAL - Hand injury - Jason Kidd, DAL
2010 - Allen Iverson, PHI - Personal reasons - David Lee, NYK
2010 - Chris Paul, NOH - Knee injury - Chauncey Billups, DEN
2010 - Brandon Roy, POR - Knee injury - Chris Kaman, LAC
2011 - Yao Ming, HOU - Foot injury - Kevin Love, MIN

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Notable Brawls in NBA History

Altercation - After an evening of verbal sparring, Sid Borgia [NBA Official] slugged Eli Roth, a Syracuse fan who had come down to courtside to confront him. Early in the fourth quarter Bill Russell [BOS] punched George Dempsey [SYR] in retaliation for a hard foul and both teams’ benches emptied during the ensuing melee. With about a minute remaining in the game Tom Heinsohn [BOS] and Dolph Schayes [SYR] engaged in another brawl and Borgia was struck by Heinsohn as he attempted to break up the fight. Paul Seymour [SYR Coach] then rushed Heinsohn during the altercation when Heinsohn knocked down Bob Hopkins [SYR]. Following the game Heinsohn and Gene Conley [BOS] tussled with Syracuse fans before the police restored order.
Penalties - n/a

Altercation - Following a collision involving Wilt Chamberlain [PHW] and Sam Jones [BOS], heated words were exchanged and Jones grabbed a photographer’s stool and used it to keep Chamberlain at bay. Shortly thereafter a fistfight broke out between Carl Braun [BOS] and Guy Rodgers [PHW] and both benches emptied and several spectators came onto the court. When the situation finally settled down Jim Loscutoff [BOS] charged Rodgers [PHW], who he felt had tripped him during the brawl and the fight escalated again. Tom Heinsohn [BOS], who had an altercation with Ted Luckenbill [PHW] was the only player ejected from the game.
Penalties - Tom Heinsohn [BOS], Sam Jones [BOS], Jim Loscutoff [BOS], Ted Luckenbill [PHW] and Guy Rodgers [PHW] are fined $50 each.

Altercation - After an elbow by Willis Reed [NYK] to the head of Rudy LaRusso [LAL], LaRusso retaliated by taking a swing at Reed. In the brawl that ensued Reed took on LaRusso, John Block [LAL] (who came out of the fight with a broken nose) and Darrall Imhoff [LAL] (who suffered a cut over his left eye). Reed and LaRusso were the only players ejected from the game.
Penalties - Willis Reed was given "a small fine."

Altercation - With 5:14 remaining in the game LaRue Martin [POR] scuffled with Dale Schlueter [PHI] and Mike Price [PHI] under the Philadelphia basket. Martin and Schlueter went to the floor as Terry Dischinger [POR] and Bob Davis [POR] joined in the fracas. Davis then began kicking Schlueter in the head, and John Q. Trapp (who was under suspension by Philadelphia) came in and bear-hugged Davis. Jack McCloskey [POR coach] restrained Schlueter, who was now up and trying to get at Davis. in the meantime, Dischinger and Price were yelling at each other, and after Dischinger pushed him, Price punched Dischinger in the mouth, loosening three of his teeth and cutting his hand in the process. Davis (requiring 14 stitches in his hand), Dischinger and Schlueter all found themselves going to the hospital for follow up care.
Penalties - Bob Davis [POR], Terry Dischinger [POR], LaRue Martin [POR], Mike Price [PHI] and Dale Schlueter [PHI] are fined $100 each.

Altercation - With 4:52 remaining to play in the second game of the NBA Championship Series an incident occurred when Darryl Dawkins [PHIL] wrestled a rebound away from Bob Gross [POR], who was thrown to the floor in the process. When the players got back to their feet they exchanged heated words and Dawkins took a swing at Gross but struck Doug Collins [PHI], who had stepped in as a peacemaker, instead, cutting him above his right eye (a cut which would require four stitches). Maurice Lucas [POR] then came up and struck Dawkins from behind and the benches emptied. In the brawl that followed fans filed onto the court and one took a punch at a Portland player, but was pulled away by Jack McMahon [PHI assistant coach]. Dawkins and Lucas were both ejected, with Dawkins going on to trash the Sixers’ locker room.
Penalties - Darryl Dawkins [PHI] and Maurice Lucas [POR] are each fined $2,500.

Altercation - Early in the third quarter Kevin Kunnert [HOU] and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar [LAL] got into an altercation with Kunnert and Abdul-Jabbar pushing and elbowing each other. Abdul-Jabbar’s teammate Kermit Washington [LAL] then held up Kunnert by grabbing his shorts as he headed up the court. Kunnert then swung his elbow to break freak and connected with Washington. Abdul-Jabbar reacted by grabbing Kunnert from behind pinning his arms in the process and Washington hit Kunnert with a flurry of punches. Washington then turned and struck Rudy Tomjanovich [HOU] in the face as he ran toward the conflict, and Tomjanovich fell to the floor immediately, hitting the back of his head on the floor. Tomjanovich suffered a dislodged skull, cerebral concussion and severe facial fractures (including a broken jaw and nose). Washington was ejected from the game and Tomjanovich would up in the intensive care unit and was sidelined for five months.
Penalties - Kermit Washington [LAL] is fined $10,000 and suspended 60 games.

Altercation - Began in the third quarter of game three of the NBA Eastern Conference Semifinal when Tree Rollins [ATL] struck Danny Ainge [BOS] in the head with an elbow. Ainge then tackled Rollins and the benches emptied with Rollins biting Ainge’s finger at the bottom of the pileup with Ainge needing stitches to close the bite wound.
Penalties - Tree Rollins [ATL] is fined $5,000 and suspended five games; Danny Ainge [BOS] is fined $1,000; Nate Archibald [BOS], Rickey Brown [ATL], Quinn Buckner [BOS], ML Carr [BOS], Keith Edmonson [ATL], Scott Hastings [ATL], George Johnson [ATL], Wes Matthews [ATL], Kevin McHale [BOS], Tom McMillen [ATL], Rick Robey [BOS], Randy Smith [ATL], Scott Wedman [BOS] and Dominique Wilkins [ATL] were fined $150 each for leaving the bench area during the fight for a total of $8,100 in fines.

Altercation - The tone of the game became heightened with 3:40 remaining in the fourth quarter when Isiah Thomas [DET] threw a punch at Rick Mahorn [PHI], leading to the ejection of Thomas. Then with 14.8 seconds remaining in the game Dennis Rodman [DET] using a hard foul to stop Mahorn, who was going in for a layup. Bill Laimbeer [DET] then grabbed the ball and shoved it in Mahon’s face. As Laimbeer and Mahorn prepared to face off Charles Barkley [PHI] jumped in and pushed Laimbeer and they began to exchange punches. Both benches then emptied and when the fight was broken up Barkley, Laimbeer and Scott Hastings [DET] were ejected for throwing punches. Barkley was accosted by a spectator on his way to the locker room and two spectators were arrested after the confrontation.
Penalties - Charles Barkley [PHI] and Bill Laimbeer [DET] are fined $20,000 and suspended one game each; Scott Hastings [DET] is fined $10,000 and suspended one game; Isiah Thomas [DET] is fined $7,500; Mark Aguirre [DET], Ron Anderson [PHI], William Bedford [DET]; Scott Brooks [PHI], Lanard Copeland [PHI], David Greenwood [DET], Gerald Henderson [DET], Kurt Nimphius [PHI], Ken Payne [PHI], John Salley [DET] are fined $500 each for leaving the bench for a total of $162,500 in fines

Altercation - Just prior to the end of the first half Kevin Johnson [PHO] and Doc Rivers [NYK] became involved in an altercation that started with angry words but escalated soon after when Johnson hit Rivers with a forearm and knocked him to the floor when he set a pick on Johnson. Rivers then got up and he and Johnson then exchanges punches. Then, just as it appeared things were under control, Greg Anthony [NYK], who was in street clothes with an injury came onto the court and punched Johnson. Anthony, Johnson and Rivers were then ejected along with Danny Ainge [PHO], Anthony Mason [NYK] and John Starks [NYK].
Penalties - Greg Anthony [NYN] is fined $20,000 and suspended five games; Kevin Johnson [PHO] is fined $15,000 and suspended two games; Doc Rivers [NYK] is fined $10,000 and suspended two games; Jerrod Mustaf [PHO] is fined $10,500; John Starks [NYK] and Anthony Mason [NYK] are each fined $7,500; Eric Anderson [NYK], Rolando Blackman [NYK], Cedric Ceballos [PHO], Tom Chambers [PHO]; Hubert Davis [NYK], Richard Dumas [PHO], Frank Johnson [PHO], Tim Kempton [PHO], Bo Kimble [NYK], Negele Knight [PHO], Charles Oakley [NYK], Charles Smith [NYK], Mark West [PHO] and Herb Williams [NYK] are fined $500 each for leaving the bench, and the New York organization is fined $50,000 and the Phoenix organization is fined $25,000 for a total of $160,500 in fines.

Altercation - With 2:41 remaining in the second quarter a shoving match broke out between Jo Jo English [CHI] and Derek Harper [CHI], Harper then punched English and wrestled him to the ground as the teams’ benches cleared, all a few feet in front of the courtside seat of NBA Commissioner David Stern.
Penalties - Derek Harper [NYK] fined $15,000 and suspended two games; Jo Jo English [CHI] fined $10,000 and suspended one game; Greg Anthony [NYK], Rolando Blackman [NYK], Corie Blount [CHI], Anthony Bonner [NYK], Corey Gaines [NYK], Steve Kerr [CHI], Toni Kukoc [CHI], Luc Longley [CHI], Pete Myers [CHI], John Paxson [CHI], Charles Smith [NYK], Bill Wennington [CHI], Herb Williams [NYK] and Scott Williams [CHI] were each fined $2,500 for leaving the bench, and the Chicago and New York organizations were each fined $50,000, for a total of $162,500 in fines.

Altercation - During a timeout Vernon Maxwell [HOU] went a dozen rows into the stands and punched spectator Steve George, who had been heckling him, breaking his jaw. Maxwell, along with Robert Horry [HOU] and Larry Smith [HOU assistant coach], who also entered the stands, were ejected from the game. Maxwell later filed suit against George and his brother Nick George, claiming they had slandered him by accusing him of assault. George then filed a $4.5 million suit against Maxwell and the Rockets.
Penalties - Vernon Maxwell [HOU] is suspended for a minimum of 10 games and fined $20,000 for going into the stands.

Altercation - A brawl ensued when Dale Davis [IND] and Michael Smith [SAC] exchanged blows with 2:43 remaining in the third quarter, and both players were ejected. Thirteen players who left the bench area during the brawl received automatic suspensions from the league.
Penalties - Dale Davis [IND] and Michael Smith [SAC] are fined $20,000 and suspended 2 games each; Duane Causwell [SAC] is fined $7,500 and suspended 1 game; Travis Best [IND], Adrian Caldwell [IND], Tyus Edney [SAC], Duane Ferrell [IND], Fred Hoiberg [IND], Byron Houston [SAC], Mark Jackson [IND], Sarunas Marciulionis [SAC], Reggie Miller [IND], Olden Polynice [SAC], Dwayne Schintzius [IND], Lionel Simmons [SAC], and Walt Williams [SAC], were fined $2,500 and suspended 1 game each for leaving the bench, for a total of $80,000 in fines.

Altercation - After Rasheed Wallace [POR] hit a game-winning shot at the final buzzer, a fight broke out between Chris Mills [GSW] and Bonzi Wells [POR]. Spectators threw debris at the Portland players as they left the court after the game, and Wallace tried to go into the stands to get at a spectator who threw a wad of gum at him. Mills tried to get into the Portland locker room after the game to renew the fight, and later parked in front of the Portland bus and challenged the Blazers along with several friends.
Penalties - Chris Mills [GSW] is suspended for 3 games, Bonzi Wells [POR] is suspended for 2 games; Rasheed Wallace [POR] is fined $15,000 for attempting to go into the stands.

Altercation - A brawl ignited with 45.9 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter when Ben Wallace [DET] was fouled hard by Ron Artest [IND] and he reacted by turning and pushing Artest in the face with both hands. The benches immediately emptied and punches were thrown. The scuffle continued near center court with Artest reclining on the scorer’s table when a cup thrown from the stand struck Artest and he ran into the stands and started exchanging punches with spectators. Stephen Jackson [IND] followed Artest into the stands and joined him in confronting the fans, with Rasheed Wallace [DET] and David Harrison [IND] also venturing near the stands. After Artest had returned to the court a fan dressed in a Pistons jersey approached him with his fist up and began yelling at Artest, and Artest responded by punching the fan as he left the court. Jermaine O’Neal [IND] and Anthony Johnson [IND] also struck a spectator who had ventured onto the court, and he was later carried off on a stretcher. The referees decided against playing the remainder of the game and a half-dozen spectators were treated for injuries. Wallace, Artest and Jackson were suspended indefinitely by the league the following day.
Penalties - Ron Artest [IND] is suspended for the remainder of the season (72 games); Stephen Jackson [IND] is suspended for 30 games; Jermaine O'Neal [IND] is suspended for 25 games; Anthony Johnson [IND] and Ben Wallace [DET] are suspended for 6 games; Chauncey Billups DET], Elden Campbell [DET], Derrick Coleman [DET] and Reggie Miller [IND] are suspended for 1 game for leaving the bench area.

Altercation - After a warning from Isiah Thomas [NYK Coach] to Carmelo Anthony [DEN], a brawl broke out at the conclusion of the game as Mardy Collins [NYK] committed a flagrant foul on J.R. Smith [DEN], after Collins and Smith began arguing, Nate Robinson [NYK], who was pulling Smith away, was pushed by Anthony. Smith and Robinson then fell into the front row of spectators and Anthony punched Collins. Jared Jeffries [NYK] then ran toward Anthony, but was restrained by a Denver player.
Penalties - Carmelo Anthony [DEN] is suspended for 15 games; J.R. Smith [DEN] and Nate Robinson [NYK] are each suspended for 10 games; Mardy Collins [NYK] is suspended for 6 games; Jared Jeffries [NYK] is suspended for 4 games; Nene [DEN] and Jerome James [NYK] are each suspended for 1 game each for leaving the bench area; and the New York and Denver organizations are fined $500,000 each.