Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Uniforms of the 70s

A brief look back at NBA fashion of the 1970s.

Atlanta Hawks -

Boston Celtics -

Buffalo Braves -

Detroit Pistons -

Golden State Warriors -

Los Angeles Lakers -

Milwaukee Bucks -

New Orleans Jazz -

New York Knicks -

Philadelphia 76ers -

Phoenix Suns -

Portland Trail Blazers -

San Antonio Spurs -

Seattle SuperSonics -

Washington Bullets -


  1. when i was in in 80's i have my first basketball jersey. Chicago Bulls given by my father.

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  3. My dad was a huge fan of New York Knicks and he has their 1970 jersey stored in his closet. He’s fond of collecting souvenir items when he watches the games of his favorite team, and I’m glad that he has still all those things at home. Well, I’m not a great fan like him, but I do appreciate basketball games. I even think about knowing the evolution of the uniforms of the different basketball teams. :D

    -Jennine Stalder-

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