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Spencer Haywood 1970-71

When Spencer Haywood sought to break his contract that he signed with the ABA’s Denver Rockets in 1969 to join the NBA before his college class graduated it led to general chaos -

●16Nov70 U.S. District Court Judge Warren J. Ferguson issues a temporary restraining against Spencer Haywood preventing him from negotiating with any NBA teams.
●25Nov70 U.S. District Court Judge Warren J. Ferguson declares a “state of status quo” and appoints Special Master Marvin Sears to hear the dispute between Spencer Haywood and the Denver Rockers over his 1969 contract.
●28Dec71 Spencer Haywood signs a six-year, $1.9 million contract with Seattle of the NBA
●30Dec70 U.S. District Court Judge Warren J. Ferguson in Los Angeles issues a temporary restraining order in Los Angeles against the NBA to keep them from imposing sanctions against Seattle and their four-year college eligibility rule. 

Date       Score            Notes
30Dec70    CHI 109 @SEA 128 Protested by CHI, Haywood DNP
1Jan71     POR 118 @SEA 121 Protested by POR, Haywood DNP
4Jan71     SEA 110 @MIL 124 Protested by MIL, Haywood 14 pts
5Jan71     SEA 101 @BAL 109 Protested by BAL, Haywood 14 pts

6Jan71 U.S. District Court Judges Warren J. Ferguson grants a temporary restraining order against the NBA, allowing Spencer Haywood to play for Seattle.

6Jan71      SEA 112 @BOS 137    Protested by BOS, Haywood DNP

8Jan71 U.S. District Court Judge Warren J. Ferguson rules that the temporary restraining order against the NBA preventing them from imposing sanctions against Seattle for signing Haywood remain in effect for at least another 10 days.  Ferguson also refuses to issue a  temporary restraining order sought by Denver to prevent Haywood from playing in the NBA.

Date       Score            Notes
8Jan71     SEA 110 @BUF 102 Protested by BUF, Haywood DNP
9Jan71     SEA 114 @CIN 110 Protested by CIN, Haywood 0 pts
14Jan71    SEA 110 @BAL 114 Protested by BAL, Haywood 7 pts
17Jan71    BAL 111 @SEA 96  Protested by BAL, Haywood 19 pts

18Jan71 The temporary restraining order against the NBA which allowed Haywood to play is extended.

Date       Score            Notes
19Jan71    SEA 102 @DET 106 Protested by DET, Haywood 24 pts
20Jan71    SEA 112 @ATL 108 Protested by ATL, Haywood 23 pts
22Jan71    CIN 131 @SEA 132 Protested by CIN, Haywood 30 pts
24Jan71    PHI 145 @SEA 119 Protested by PHI, Haywood 30 pts
28Jan71    BUF 110 @SEA 120 Protested by BUF, Haywood 18 pts
29Jan71    SEA 115 @LAL 122 Protested by LAL, Haywood 17 pts
30Jan71    SEA 116 @PHO 134 Protested by PHO, Haywood 29 pts
2Feb71     SEA 101 @CHI 108 Protested by CHI, Haywood 21 pts
3Feb71     SEA 98 @CLE 95   Protested by CLE, Haywood 6 pts
5Feb71     SEA 120 @ATL 121 Protested by ATL, Haywood 22 pts
7Feb71     SDR 124 @SEA 107 Protested by SDR, Haywood 25 pts
9Feb71     SEA 115 @SDR 132 Protested by SDR, Haywood 22 pts
10Feb71    SEA 122 @SFW 133 Protested by SFW, Haywood 26 pts
11Feb71    CIN 101 @SEA 119 Protested by CIN, Haywood 31 pts
12Feb71    SEA 125 @POR 137 Protested by POR, Haywood 10 pts
14Feb71    SFW 101 @SEA 146 Protested by SFW, Haywood 25 pts

16Feb71 The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco rules that the NBA may penalize Seattle for using Spencer Haywood, blocking an earlier injunction against the league.
●17Feb71 NBA Commissioner Walter Kennedy rejects Spencer Haywood's contract with Seattle.

Date       Score            Notes
17Feb71    POR 126 @SEA 130 Haywood DNP
19Feb71    MIL 128 @SEA 112 Haywood DNP
21Feb71    PHI 135 @SEA 128 Haywood DNP
24Feb71    CLE 101 @SEA 123 Haywood DNP
26Feb71    SEA 121 @LAL 145 Haywood DNP
27Feb71    CHI 129 @SEA 114 Haywood DNP

1Mar71 U.S. Supreme Court Justice William P. Douglas reinstates an earlier ruling which barred the NBA from taking any action against Seattle to keep Spencer Haywood from playing.

Date       Score            Notes
2Mar71     ATL 128 @SEA 116 Haywood 13 pts
5Mar71     SEA 111 @SDR 110 Haywood 25 pts
6Mar71     LAL 109 @SEA 121 Haywood 16 pts

8Mar71 The U.S. Supreme Court rules 7-2 in Spencer Haywood’s favor to stand by a ruling by Justice William O. Douglas which rejected a motion by the NBA to restrict him from joining Seattle.

Date       Score            Notes
8Mar71     SEA 99 @MIL 104  Haywood 30 pts
9Mar71     SEA 114 @NYK 99  Haywood 26 pts
11Mar71    DET 97 @SEA 130  Haywood 28 pts

12Mar71 U.S. District Court Judge Warren Ferguson in Los Angeles rules that the NBA's four-year eligibility rule is in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act because it does not provide procedural safeguards for an individual to contest it and seek inclusion in the draft.

Date       Score            Notes
12Mar71    SEA 98 @SFW 111  Haywood 23 pts
14Mar71    BAL 121 @SEA 124 Haywood 35 pts
18Mar71    MIL 121 @SEA 122 Haywood 27 pts
19Mar71    SEA 128 @POR 135 Haywood 32 pts
20Mar71    SEA 107 @PHO 114 Haywood 7 pts
21Mar71    SFW 106 @SEA 119 Haywood 8 pts

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